Keeping busy.


I've started a whole lot of projects lately.

Big, bad kindergarten is taking my baby 5 times a week now.

So in an attempt to not think about it too much, I'm making stuff.

Yesterday it was these peg bear softies.
Super easy.  Quick.  And all materials I had on hand.
(Original pattern found here.)

How do you handle your babies growing up and going to school?

Eating cupcakes?

Or do you spend the day high five-ing everyone you see? ;)


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  1. Haha - no high five-ing here, I wish my boys could be home (and me too) more, but since they are big now we have no other choice than school and work. And to be honest - I wouldn´t be enough for them either, they love to hang with their friends!

    But I DO use my time for fun things, like crafting and baking! :-)

  2. It's one week before both of mine leave full time. Empty house...everyday.
    So far I've been praying a We'll see what inspires me after I stop crying next week.

  3. My baby boy is in 8th and my baby girl started 4th...and I still can't get over it! What I wouldn't give for one more day of having both of them home and little...sniff! I was never a high-fiving Mom....trying to savor every moment!

  4. Any of you girls considered home schooling? It is not the easy road, but so so so worth the effort.


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