(finally) my skinny stripes quilt

Okay, about the quilt.

I absolutely adore it.  The colors, the stripes, the crinkly-ness.


The boys and I fight to snuggle underneath it on the couch almost every night.
I have no idea what took me 6+ months to bind it.

You might remember I started way back when and I just now got around to finishing.  I always serge the edges of my quilt sandwich, so we've totally been using it the whole time as is.

I used a vintage pillowcase for the binding.  I'm now realizing that it has a kind of neon thing going on with one of the yellows, but I like it anyway. Very on trend for a granny's old pillow. :)

The idea for the quilt came from this gorgeous one (I don't like linking to pins, but the original source's blog has since become private).

I used two twin size flat sheets I found on clearance at Target for the backing and in between the colored strips.

The stripes are quilter's/Kona solids from JoAnn's in:

leaf green
golden yellow
smoky rose
pomegranate pink

(I saved my receipt...and that's the only reason how I know!)

I bought a half yard of each and had plenty with a little left over.  A third of a yard would suffice if you trust your measuring and cutting skills.

The strip of floral fabric on the back is a scrap leftover from a piece I bought from a blog sponsor long ago (2010ish??) and I have no idea what it is any more.  If you happen to recognize it, leave the name in the comments and I'll add it. :)

So the total cost of materials was around $20 with batting.  Not bad.

The rough measurements I used for my {just about} twin sized quilt, using 1/4" seam allowances:

for the front:

I cut one of the sheets into strips of varying widths.
(7) 5.5 inch strips
(6) 4.5 inch strips
(4) 3.5 inch strips
(7) 1.5 inch strips

Don't get mad at me if those need a tiny bit of tweaking...half of my note sheet is ripped off and missing thanks to one of my littles...but they should be pretty good. :)

I cut the various colored fabrics into 1.5 inch x the width of the sheet strips.

I alternated color/sheet/color/sheet into a pattern based loosely on what I saw in the original.

The quilting is just straight lines across on either side of each colored strip.  And huge props to the real quilters (and quilt photogs who can capture the entire quilt in one nice picture...unlike me!) out there for making it look easy...dealing with the bulk of so much fabric is definitely not easy for me!


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  1. it is absolutely lovely, great job!

  2. So beautiful! I feel inspired to make one!

  3. So very beautiful - I'm bloody envious! :-)

  4. It's beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. That "vintage" pillowcase...my parents totally have that sheet set in blue or green!

  6. Very pretty! I could never do that. My limit for sewing bedding is a simple baby blanket. :)

  7. So beautiful. I'd love to see a full frontal picture of the whole quilt.

  8. Love this! I need to make this :)

    1. Love the machine binding...how do you get is so even???
      I would also love to see the full quilt...it makes it easier to copy :)

  9. I LOVE this quilt. It is wonderful.

  10. Just beautiful! I love that you used sheets instead of fabric! It's such a great idea that I will have to steal :)

  11. I made a quilt inspired by this one today! Tomorrow for binding......perhaps.....anyhow thanks for the idea, it was a fun pattern and I used a vintage sheet for the backing. My husband immediately layed claim to it( but that's ok I made it so he would quit using my fav!)

  12. Quilts have been growing on me more and more, due in large part to quilts as lovely as this one. Really simple and really wonderful. Well done.

  13. I just love this quilt! I had a quick question - with only buying 1/2 yard of each color, you must have pieced the colored pieces somehow. Did you just do this right in half? Or did you divide the strips in thirds? Thanks in advance!

    1. I did have to piece the colored strips to save on buying extra solids...I did each strip in two pieces, but staggered them so I wouldn't have seams down the middle. Does that make sense?! I need to get a full pic of this quilt posted!!

  14. Could you tell me what type of batting you used? This quilt looks so light and flowy. I'm just wondering if it is cotton, or polyester? or maybe you have a favorite brand of batting to use for quilts? Thanks a ton!


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