easy DIY: you are my sunshine art

I've been getting the itch to decorate (redecorate?) lately, so I've been rearranging and doing some simple projects to change things up a bit.

Here's a simple little art project I made to put in Baby Sister's room (It's just like my periodic table crafty art project).

my trusty helper had to step in on the arrangement of my photo

All you need is:

thin craft board (I got mine at JoAnn's for a few dollars)
vinyl letter stickers (I used the 2 inch size, also from JoAnn's, found near the poster boards)
acrylic craft paints
glossy Mod Podge

I started by just randomly streaking paint across the board until I got a blend I liked.  The day I did this it was about 95 degrees, so it went pretty fast.

Once the paint was dry, I lightly marked horizontal lines across my board so I could position my letters evenly.  Working from right to left, I stuck on the lettering.  (And I actually contemplated stopping right there because I like that look, too.)

But I kept going and painted over the entire thing with a contrasting aqua color.

And like every other painting project in the world, THIN coats are best...I did not take that advice and my paint seeped under the letters.  Other than starting all over, there's no way to fix it, so I'll end up leaving it imperfect.

But seriously, THIN COATS people. ;)

After the paint was dry, I peeled back the letters and sealed it with Mod Podge.

I plan to lean this on the windowsill, but if I ever want to hang it, all I'll have to do is hot glue a ribbon or sawtooth hanger to the back since it's so light.


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  1. I love it. You know i looked up and down the ailses at joanns for those vinyl letters.... Not one person that worked their could help me..... Thank you for telling me they are next to the poster board! Yay. And i love the colors you used.

  2. Totally saw this on Pinterest and did indeed pin it. Love.

  3. I love it and I'm glad you talk about your mistakes because I hate it when things look so easy but little tips and hints are left out and then I screw up and want to cry...lol :D

  4. Great job, love the ombré effect with the lettering m! And FYI, there are NO mistakes in art, only a chance to create a new technique, and implement and improve it! Some of the greatest pieces of art were born from what the artist considered a mistake... Some of my
    Best work has been fostered by what I viewed as a total loss, no way to fix it... So I always take a step back, walk away and come back to it with fresh eyes and boom.... I instantly know, as I'm sure you do as well... What I need to do to "fix" it and for some reason it turns out better than what was in my head... So kudos for not scraping your beautiful art and just going with the flow..there's no mistakes in creating art and you proved that thru your excellent tutorial! Us artist/ creative people always see what the "mistakes" are/were but we are so hard on ourselves !
    I Totally get and relate to what you said and
    Somehow we always figure it out! Very nice


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