If you know me in real life or follow me on instagram, you know that we spend almost all of our summer days at the pool.

To me, soaking up the sun, the pool, the smell of chlorine in my all just screams summer.
I am a happy, happy girl this time of year.  Happy!
I'm a pool rat.  A sun lover.
Always have been.
There. I said it. :)

The minute Sister wakes up from her nap we pack up our pool bag and head out the door.

The days we spend at the pool make me happy in so many ways.
My children (even the baby!) turn into little fish and couldn't be any more delighted than when they're in water...smiling kids = smiling mama.
My tan is awesome.
My freckles come out.
I catch up on my backlog of unread magazines and neglected Words With Friends games.
I get to actually sit down and relax for a few minutes without worrying about what needs to get done around the house...
And the house actually stays (relatively) tidy since we're not in it.

What the pool isn't so great for is my skin.
Chemicals.  Chlorine.  Constant sprays of suntan lotion.
Killers for any hope of soft, moisturized skin.
It's the price I've always paid for my sun and pool loving ways. By mid-summer, it's usually obvious that I've been soaking my skin in the harsh pool.  Ugh.

Then Dove gave me the chance to try their Toning Creme Body Wash.
I was so in.
They say "visibly more beautiful skin in just one week."
I like the sound of that.
They say its unique formula helps to improve skin's look over time.
I like the sound of that, too.

I've been using it for a few weeks now and I'm definitely impressed.
Visibly more beautiful skin in just one week....even better results after 3 weeks.  It's true!
The body wash smells good, I love how creamy and smooth it is, and my skin really IS softer than it usually is after weeks of soaking in the pool.
So now, in addition to my summer/sun/pool happiness, I feel great about how my skin looks and feels too.
And that's a good thing.

How do you spend your summer days?  At the pool too?  In the sun?  Or do you stay inside and enjoy the a/c?  Do tell!


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  1. I just got out of the pool! We have one in our backyard so getting in it is no problem!! lol! Yes summer is my favorite time of the year! I also love the smell of clorine and suntan lotion, I could smell that all the time!

  2. I really love the pool and the smell of suntan lotion...but lately Ive been "staying in" where its cool! =)

    Have a great Summer!


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