Summer bucket list: making fudgsicles

One of the items on our summer bucket list was to make fudgsicles.  The boys LOVE them.  I should make them more often. :)

I use this same recipe (not frozen, although that might be good...) poured into a graham cracker pie crust as a super quick dessert.  I can't take credit for's been around forever!

For about 20 fudgsicles, you'll need:

small tub of Cool Whip
2 large boxes (6 serving size I think??) chocolate pudding mix (edited to add because of questions: I use instant. I've never tried it with regular...I'm not sure how it would turn out.)
4 cups (cold) milk

Whisk together milk and pudding mix, about 2 min.
Add Cool Whip until fully combined.

Lick the bowl.  I won't tell.

Pour into popsicle molds (or small cups with sticks inserted) and freeze overnight.


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  1. I never thought of making homemade fudgsicles before. My kids are going to love this. Thanks.

  2. YUM! My husband loves Pudding Pops and we tried to recreate them a few weeks ago but they weren't very good. I'm going to try this recipe!

  3. you think it matters if you use instant or traditional pudding? which did you use? these look yummy!

  4. Wow these look delicious, what popsicle molds do you use?

  5. Wow and yum!
    Thanks for the share~sies :D


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