our week in instagrams

A peek of our life through filtered iphone pics.

And I promise some real project posts coming up soon.

I've been sewing.
I've been crafting.
I've even been taking pictures with my big camera.

Now to actually blog about it...:)

If you'd like to follow along with me on instagram, I'm @aprettycoollife or you can follow as my pics post to facebook.

Happy day, friends!


  1. The new Imaginext Batcave...my boys would be so jealous!
    I keep trying to convince them that their Batcave is vintage and therefor so cool, but they don't get it ;)

  2. The same thing happened to my Havianas last year! So sad.

  3. I hate it when my flip flops break!

  4. Hi, My name is Deyse, Iam Brazilian, I live in Natal/RN, It is a city in northeastern Brazil. I enjoy your blog. It's lovely, your photos are beautiful too.. When I looked your photos, I saw you using Havaianas, your Havaianas broke. If you want, I send for you a new Havaianas. Here there are many kinds of Havaianas.Sorry my english.
    Att. Deyse Oliveira.


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