7 years.

We celebrated our 7th anniversary yesterday.
Crazy how time flies.
Babies. Jobs. Cars. Houses.
Being a grown up is fun and scary at the same time.

Of course it wouldn't be an anniversary without me digging out our wedding photos.
Remembering how much I loved it.
Thinking about what I would change if I got to do it again.
Realizing between my bouffant hair and heels I must've been about 9 feet tall.

Crying happy tears.
{Thinking that maybe this is the year I actually put them together into an album??}
And loving where we are right now.

Enjoy if you're into that kind of thing. If not, sorry. :)


Oh what a fun, fun day it was.

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  1. It looks fantastic and you´re a beautiful bride! :-)

  2. What beautiful pics! It is so nice to see you in your pics, lol, I hope that makes sense x

  3. I LOVE to see other peoples wedding photos! What a beautiful bride! Thanks for sharing your special day! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Such lovely photos! and you were a very beautiful bride! =)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your wedding photos! What a beautiful bride! Love your dress! Happy anniversary....and btw...I love your blog! I have tried so many of your sewing projects! Thank you!

  6. Happy anniversary! I had the SAME dress as yours for our wedding - we're celebrating 7 years on the 23rd. :)

  7. seriously can you be any more gorgeous? Now I request a blog post of how you met. :)

  8. I love wedding photos, any and every wedding photo! I always get "teary" when I see them : ) Yours are so very beautiful and my, what a stunning bride you were! Thank you for sharing and Happy Anniversary.


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