1st birthday party pics...finally

Last weekend, we had a first birthday party for our little girl.
No real theme, just pretty and girly.

Dinner was our usual family party fare...fancy picnic food.
We have a big family...like 40+ people...so plated meals and those cute parties you see on pinterest are kinda out.
Buffet style is in.
It works.
And it's good. :)

My husband grilled beef tenderloin and pork roast.
I made (most of) the sides.
Corn salad  (I added avocados), cucumber salad, Cesar salad, macaroni and cheese, biscuits.
My in laws were nice enough to make more...potato salad and a pasta salad.
Thank you! And yum!

I can never decide which of my vintage tablecloths I like best for a party.  I love them all!
So this time I threw a bunch on the table.
It was a "layered look." Ha!

We were nervous about the 90ish degree weather and surprise thunderstorms we were having during the week.
Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day and perfect to be outside.

The flowers and centerpieces were simple.
Trader Joe's sunflowers and inexpensive bouquets in mason jars and my fave oatmeal cans.
The crates they sat atop were just from the craft store and then stained with vinegar and a Brillo pad. (Directions via this tute.)
Of course lots of candles and jars of animal crackers for our little guests, too.

I made P Dub's red velvet cake for dessert.
Do I even need to tell you how amazing that recipe is??
It is. Go make it now.

Party favors were more of the same (but only colored to pink) cake in a jar.
I loved the idea when I saw it here.
But I'm not going to lie.
They took for. ever.

Save yourself. Buy pre-made sheet cakes.
But the cuteness of them all lined up makes it totally worth it. :)

By the end of the night the littlest party goers were fast asleep on the couch and the grownups got to relax outside and enjoy the evening under the stars.

Another year gone by.
Another baby growing up.

First birthday parties always strike me as funny.
The guest of honor really couldn't care less.
All the planning, decorating, cooking, preparing...they don't even know what's going on.
We've never opened a single gift at the party.
2 of my 3 children napped through the majority of their parties.
One screamed bloody murder when we tried to give him just a taste of frosting.
Sister face planted right into her cake.

Babies sure are fun. :)


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  1. so pretty! and your food selection sounds wonderful to me!!!


  2. I''ll be saving all my mccann's oatmeal cans now too!! A beautiful and special party!

  3. How lovely! I was wondering if you made the fruit tarts? They look perfect. I have been wanting to make one lately but I am hesitant bc they look like a lot of work. Do you have and suggestions? Thanks!

  4. Love the flowers!

    Your little side garden, is it in the sun or shade? I want to plant some flowers along the side of me house but have no clue what I'm doing. Did you start those from seeds?

    Gorgeous party!

  5. My womb is screaming with the cuteness of a first birthday party :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!
    That looks like my kind of party. I'm taking notes...I only have 3 months to plan one for my own :)

  7. I made the tart finally! It turned out great. Thank you for the link : )


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