instagram, week six

Did you hear about the crisis?

I'm glad we all made it through.
It was hard.

Hours.  Hours without sharing pictures of my groceries! Or toes in the pool!  

And I couldn't see filtered pictures of what my friends were doing either!!  Ahhh!

Thankfully it's back.  Here's a peek of our week.

You can follow along with me on instagram as @aprettycoollife or on facebook as my pics post there.

ps. Of course I'm just being silly.  My thoughts are with those who really are suffering on account of this weekend's storms.

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  1. That's hilarious and so true! I didn't realise how much it had become part of my day over the last few weeks! Nice to have it back though!

  2. Love the nesting glasses. I got some nesting doll fabric recently that I think is so cute.


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