DIY: coffee stained clothespins

There's something old fashioned and fun about clothespins.
Like a farm with vintage sheets on the line billowing in the wind.
Huge dork.  I know.

But when I buy them at the store, they're kind of boring.  Not vintage sheets on the line pretty.

I thought since they're wood, I could stain them.   So I gave it a shot using coffee as a stain.

If it was a bad idea, eh, they're only clothespins.

But it did work.

(New ones on the left, stained ones on the right.)

Here's what I did...

Brewed a pot of coffee that was probably 3-4 times stronger than it would need to be if it were for drinking. (Don't get mad at me if you're a coffee drinker and I wasted coffee...I'm not. :) )

I poured it in a mason jar (another farmy-cute item I can't get enough of!) over my clothespins.

I left them overnight to soak.

And put them on a drying rack in the sun the next morning.

There you have it.  Perfect for the farm I don't have and the laundry I wouldn't dry anywhere but in my dryer in my laundry room.  Ha. ;)


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  1. I LOVE the idea of clothes on a line and my parents live in a community that is at least 50% mennonite so there are always a ton of farms with sheets billowing in the wind...sigh.
    I tried it.
    I couldn't help but feel like my sheets and shirts were full of bugs.
    I love my dryer too.

  2. I have a clothesline in my back yard in the small town of Ada, MN - and I love to hang out clothes in the summer. Especially sheets and towels, on a nice breezy day. They smell wonderful when you bring them in!

  3. I love wooden clothes pins. Never thought about staining them. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try it.

  4. Love it Cheryl! I always dig around for the oldest looking clothespin's when I hang quilts to photograph. Most of my old pins came from my grandmother who has passed away and I LOVE them... :) ooxx`jodi


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