Instagram, week one

I have no idea what kept me away from Instagram for so long.
I'm loving it.

Here's a peek of our week in filtered iPhone pics.

Sprinkles and ice cream.
Doesn't get much more summer than that.

I'm already rocking a flip flop tan.
In May.
That and clean floors?  Life's good.

This guy was waiting for me as I finished a run.
Not nice.
He must be able to spot a girl with no willpower a mile away.

Somehow I managed to create polka dot petunias.
(Apparently it's from fertilizer.)

Don't mind if I do.

A spoon?
A bowl?
Not this boy.
He doesn't need any help, thankyouverymuch.

My indecisiveness at an all time high.

Santa and his elves couldn't decide what color to paint Sister's baby doll bed.
Six months later, it's getting a makeover.

Another fancy shmancy recipe from my kitchen.
Chicken enchilada bake, straight off the Kraft shredded cheese bag.

Desperate to sew something, anything, I threw together this patriotic dress for Sister to wear Monday.

A long weekend.
With temps in the 80s.
What's not to be happy about?

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend, friends!
We already started. :)


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  1. I do love instagram too! Great and fun pics! :-)

  2. Cute post.Loved all your pics.

  3. i love flip flop tans! and i wish i had a smart phone only for the instagram app ;)


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