The greenhouse

Yesterday I had an hour to myself.
So I went to the greenhouse.
Wandering up and down the rows and from house to house...all alone.

I brought my big camera and managed to take 73 pictures in the short time I was there...without the little photo bombers!  Ha.

I won't bore you with 73...maybe just half that. :)

All photos taken with my very favorite 50mm lens.


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  1. You´re not boring me - I love these kind of pics! :-)

  2. Thanks Cheryl, a really great perspective! I work at a greenhouse and I don't think I'm focusing on the right things because I don't have pictures like that! When I come to work I see a parking lot jammed full of cars, a lineup out the door of hot, impatient customers and too many plants just dying for a drink of water!!Thanks for opening my eyes!!

  3. Well, I totally thought you were saying the first pic was your *own* greenhouse and I was overcome with "how?!? when?!? tell me more!!". I'm admittedly relieved that this was not the case ;)
    I heart greenhouses and garden centres :)


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