Seersucker Easter dress

I spent Sunday evening making Sister's Easter dress.  

I had the fabric left over from the boys' pants of Easters long ago and (of course!) had the ribbon and buttons on hand, so it cost me nothing more than my time.  Score.

I had my eye on dresses like this and this and this and this even before I had a little girl, so I knew exactly what I wanted, but knew I could totally DIY something so simple.   (I think I may also try to replicate the first one at some point.)

I didn't use a real pattern.  After not entirely loving the one I used for her Christmas dress, I pretty much just made this up, combining bits and pieces of that dress and a few other store bought ones she already has.  I made another version of the Christmas one since then, but I can't find the link...I guess I forgot to blog about that one.

If anyone's interested in a mini-tute (as in what I did for a size 6 month dress), leave a comment and I'll try to put something together.


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  1. This is really pretty, love the stripes! :-)

  2. sooooo cute! And definitely RL-esque! I wouldn't mind a tute!

  3. That is so pretty. I wish I wasn't afraid of my sewing machine.

  4. Cute! Does the ribbon tie in a bow in the back? Love the stripes.

  5. I just found the exact same seersucker fabric in a thrift store today. I was planning on making boy pants with it.

    We pretty much have the same way of making dresses! It is beautiful. I love this way of making a top. I usually line it, did you?

  6. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot; I've never sewn a dress before.

  7. Well I'm in love.
    My mom ALWAYS made us an Easter dress.
    Special. :)

  8. Brings back memories! In 1965 I made I made seersucker Easter outfits for my three oldest children, who were then 9 months, 20 months, and 3 years old. Pink dresses for the girls, with an eylet applique flower on the skirt, and short pants and a "suit type" jacket in an aqua color for Mike, the youngest. They were so cute! Cherish these days with your little ones - they are gone so fast!

  9. I would love a tutorial on how to make this!
    Thanks so much for sharing

  10. Was there ever a tutorial on this??


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