KCWC day 4: onesie t-shirt dress

I went to bed early so this is the sum of day 4's sewing.

This has got to be the easiest dress in the history of dresses.   I loved these dresses in the Mini Boden catalog, but they're so DIY-able.

So onesie + 1/4 yd. fabric = t-shirt dress.  A lot has changed since my last onesie refashion. :)

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  1. did you sew the fabric to the onesie still intact or cut the onesie to use just the top? i guess you could do the first when they're little and then do the second if they get too long, to reuse onesies? expecting my first so you can tell i'm a newbie at this stuff :)

  2. Darling little dress! Would you please consider doing a tutorial on this dress? You said it's easy peasy but I still need directions sometimes! haha!
    Thank you!

  3. Adorable dresses and bloomers!! What a productive 4 days you had!!! :)

  4. Looks like a productive 4-day of sewing. :) This is exactly what I am about to do withmy little girl's onesie. I was planning on making it tonight and glad I saw this one. :) This gives me inspiration. Beautiful dress!

  5. Hermoso...se ve tan dulce...tambiƩn, voto por el tutorial!ja!

  6. I love these dresses!
    My girlie was wearing one today :D
    We make ours extra twirly :)

  7. Oh,this dress is adorable,wowwww!

  8. So cute! I have to try this sometime soon!

  9. This is SO cute!! Do you happen to know what the fabric is??


    Thanks! :) Jessie


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