Easter eggs in the mail

I've loved AmberLee's blog for years.   I especially love all the fun things she's tried mailing.

So following her lead, today we sent eggs packed with goodies to the cousins.

Of course I got plenty of reaction from everyone else in the post office when I casually took my eggs out of my bag to be weighed for postage, which I'll admit was half the fun.  There were two little old ladies who started reminiscing about the items they used to send without a box when they went on trips...which was very sweet.

Postage per egg ended up being $1.95, so I just took the easy route and used two $1 stamps.  Perhaps this is silly when the egg and its contents probably cost less than the stamps, but who wouldn't love this little surprise in their mailbox??

And as another fun aside, the man behind the post office counter was sure I was just there yesterday having eggs weighed.  Apparently both the Easter Bunny and the mailman have plenty of eggs waiting to be delivered around here. ;)


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  1. That is soooo cool! Love all the ideas of things you can send without packaging. I'm sure the cousins will be thrilled with their gifts. I also love the bubble wrap hotscotch. Thanks for the link and happy Easter.

  2. I tried sending a little package - oh, I'd say it was about 2.5 x 2.5 inches - and they wouldn't let me send that! Hmmm. He said it would get lost in the mail. Did you happen to get a picture of how you put the postage on them?

  3. You're cute.
    I love that idea.


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