Are you in? KCWC

I've been adding to my stash of fabrics and patterns in anticipation of KCWC for weeks now.

Girl sewing!  Yay!

My wish to-do list:  

a few pairs of leggings
one or two more of these dresses
a few pairs of bloomers
this jacket for the fall
plus I'll make a few pairs of simple elastic waist pants and skirts, maybe a sundress, but no real pattern for those 

Are you participating?  What are you making??


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  1. Heres my list
    skirt with matching shirt, patchwork dress and a boys shirt.

  2. I am inspired and I
    I've made a pillow case dress with a vintage case that I need to embellish(sp?)~ that will be my jumping off point :)

  3. Tu lista es muy tentadora y lo que he visto muy bonito, la capa chic me enloquece!!!
    Volveré ...
    Ah!...hice tantas listas que no se por dónde seguir ja, ja, ja...


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