What I Wore

St. Patty's Day parade

shirt:  C&C California...and it only comes out of the closet for St. Patrick's Day...it's at least 10 yrs old!
cami:  Old Navy
jeans: Target
boots:  Ugg

School, errands, soccer, playing outside...and I need to wash the mirror!

shirt:  Nordstrom Rack, but I cut out the brand tag, so ???
jeans:  Target
ballet flats: Target

School, Costco, enjoying the warm weather outside

shirt:  Gap
cami:  Old Navy
jeans:  Target
ballet flats:  Target

Linked with Lindsey.  These posts really are a great motivation for not wearing yoga pants every day. :) 


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  1. Ummm... there's nothing wrong with yoga pants! (Although I have to admit your outfits DO look better than yoga pants.)


  2. I love the Nordstrom shirt ~ the colour = awesome! I'm so weak for that shade...a LOT of my closet is that colour or some variation. Yay for banishing the yoga's!! :)


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