What I Wore

Another week spent purging what I don't love in the house and feeling good about it.

Running about a million errands.  Give or take. :)

vest:  Land's End
shirt:  Gap
jeans:  Target
shoes:  Puma

A day spent cleaning, sewing, packing for the airport...and then I continued to wear this for the next day and a half while I was feeling craptastic.  Did you know a side effect of pregnancy can be gallstones?  Yep.  And let me tell you, they suuuuuuck.

shirt:  Gap
tank:  Old Navy
pants:  Lucy
boots:  Ugg
Iron Man on the floor in the background: Target

Lunch with friends.

button down shirt:  Gap
cardi:  Target
chinos:  JCrew
shoes:  Isaac Mizrahi for Target...remember the good old days of that line??

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  1. loves it!
    i like the button down Gap shirt ~ great colour:)

  2. I dont get it, this is what 99.9% of people wear, whats new?

  3. Ok Anonymous, it's not about something being new - she looks great and has great style. Ugh...sorry, dislike me some haters.

    I think you look great. I had to giggle at your first shirt bc I'm fairly certain Moose has a similar one. :) And yes, gallstones SUCK! I had them after Moose. Get it taken out, very simple procedure that leaves you with a few little scars on your tummy. I only have one visible one today that's under a half an inch long right above my bellybutton.

  4. Ugh gallstone attacks are horrific. I had my first one in August and ended up having my gallbladder removed in September. I feel your pain! I had no idea being a mama could up your chances of gallstones til it happened to me! Blech.

  5. I feel your pain (or at least I did). I had gallstones during my last pregnancy and ultimately had my gallbladder removed. No fun!

  6. I admire everyone who does this. You look good and give me ideas on how to better pair up my clothes for cuter outfits. Oh yes! The dreaded gallstones! I had problems last year after I had my third kiddo. It was so painful. I ended up having mine out at the end of August. I, too, feel(felt) your pain. :(


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