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I am now officially a green onion farmer.  This is so smart since we use so little in the green onion department and my inner science nerd likes to watch the roots through the glass jar.

One of my earliest pins was this recipe for dried strawberries.

Lies!  I tell you.  Lies!

The directions say 3 hours in the oven, I left mine in for 5 before giving up.  And even then, they were still mush.  And they looked NOTHING like that pretty picture.

You'd think maybe I would've learned by now.  Fruit in the oven doesn't work out for me.

I will say the upside to this fail was how great my kitchen smelled.  So small redemption there.

As you can tell, this was another slow week for pinned projects.  Between being a single parent for a good chunk of the week and not feeling well for the rest, I kinda lost my making mojo.  Here's to a better week this week. :)

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  1. Ok I'd be skeptical about the green onion thing but I trust you so I'm going to try it! And boo to the strawberries; those aren't cheap!

  2. I tried the onions too but wow they made my kitchen stink!!! I should have tried the strawberries to balance out the stench! :)
    I have been under the weather too and my Spring wreath sits unadorned on the dining room table.
    Off to check our your Pin boards!
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I've also tried the green onions - haven't really noticed the smell. They grow really fast but are a little more flimsy than if they grew in the ground.


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