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I do love warm and cozy smells in our home.  I've had this simmering on the stove for the past few days.  Love it.

I also tried these for a quick sweet treat one afternoon this week.  Not bad but they won't win any beauty contests.  My 5 year old announced they looked like little piles of dog...well, you can guess the rest.  Boys!  :)

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  1. I made those cookies for my children and now for my grandchildren. We call them "Cow Plops" but no matter what you call them or what they look like, they are delicious!

  2. I've had those cookies all my life (maybe it is a southern thing?). I don't care what they look like. They are amazing, they take about 10 minutes, and I have never not had all the ingredients in my pantry. I could seriously have about 10 of them right now.

  3. I have started doing things I saw on Pinterest too!I was looking at all these amazing ideas thinking everyone else is so much more creative than I am...then I just decided to do a few!
    Heres one of mine if you want to see: http://pinterest.com/pin/27021666484258484/

  4. hum, lemon and rosemary, I can feel the smell just by looking at that photo :)

  5. Lemon and Rosemary sounds like a lush combination!!
    What do u do just boil it up in some water for a bit?


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