Weekend sewing: Black Apple dolls

With my husband out of town last weekend, I had the chance to spend my quiet evenings alone making a few dolls for Sister.

The pattern is so simple and straightforward...and free!  :)

And if you follow me on facebook, you know I started by just making one and then got a little carried away making the others...all done in a few hours.

Those skinny little polka dotted legs!  I die.

These dolls are (clearly!) very much my style.  To see the super talented Emily Martin's, look here.


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  1. That's so funny, I've made the black apple doll too last week! And you're so true , the pattern is very clear! Beautifull dolls!

  2. These are beyond amazing, thanks so much for sharing! How can we get hold of the pattern?


  3. So cute! I wish I had/knew a little girl to sew for!

  4. Adorable, Cheryl! They are quite addictive, aren't they ;)

  5. super cute!!! i'll have to try one of these out :)

  6. Love! I wish my sewing machine wasn't packed away while we build our house. Otherwise I'd be all over these!

  7. This are beautiful, my granddaughter would just love them. How can i get hold of the pattern. I email is rivasyoli@yahoo.com.if you could please help me it would be great. Thank you for sharing.

  8. My little one just spied your photos and told she wants one. I do too. :) I love the color combos and hair you chose.

  9. I'm in love.
    I'm a novice sewer but I'm trying these this weekend.
    Wow ~ how did I miss so many posts?!?! ohhhh...it's Spring break here, lots 'o' activities around this homefront :D

  10. How sweet! I love Black Apple dolls. I just made one for my niece. Seeing your sweet collection makes me want to make some more.

  11. These are adorable! I'd love to make one for my niece :) Any idea where the pattern is?


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