Ten on Ten: March

The pages on the calendar keep flying by!  Here is March's 10 on 10.


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  1. Lovely set! I love the army man, cheerio, and owl photos. You have a great eye for photography!

  2. Love how these make me feel that I´m right in your home! :-)

  3. Love the toy soldier. Looks right out of Toy Story!

  4. Love the photos! the strawberries look so good!

  5. You have the best pictures, and is there a link to the dolls. I went to the sight, but didn't see a free pattern. They are adorable and I would love to make some. Jackie

  6. Oh I soooo tried to do 10 on 10 this month, but my pics were B-O-R-I-N-G and I kinda lost track at some point.
    Next month I say!
    Love the war guy in the plant ~ boys make life funny ;)

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