Luvinthemommyhood's Commuter Cowl

A few weeks ago I tested Shannon's new pattern, the Commuter Cowl.

I've always been a scarf loving girl, but I've gotta say...I really like this pattern a lot.  It's simple (just a few cuts and no wasted fabric!), it's quick (less than a half hour!), and it's definitely stylish (so many options!).  When you have an evening to yourself or a few extra minutes of naptime, this is the perfect project.

I picked a lightweight madras fabric for a spring cowl, and I'm loving it paired with a jean jacket.  Next up will be a fall version, and I already have my eye out for a the perfect heavier weight wool or herringbone fabric.

Want to see all of Shannon's Commuter Cowls in her gorgeous fabric choices?  Check them out right here! Want to just cut to the chase and get a copy of the pattern for yourself?  Buy one right here!


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  1. Love the fabric and the pattern is great!

  2. Very cute! The fabric is so pretty!

  3. I'm in a very serious relationship with scarves. I love them. They love me.
    This is great! I like your fun fabric choice :D

  4. This would be a great, great way to use all the remnants of fabric I have. Thanks so much for posting. You're a doll

  5. Awwww, looks great hun! Thanks for the post and I love how yours turned out!!! xoxo

  6. Love the fabric you chose, Cheryl. Perfect for spring! Looks great :)


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