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Project inspiration from the week, thanks to Pinterest.

We squeezed in one last Valentiney project and used toilet paper rolls as stamps.  The delicacy of a stamp made from cardboard was lost on a 3 year old, so he ended up with a crunched up, paint soaked wad of tp roll in his hand after just a few minutes...come to think of it, that may have been the best part for him!  Big Brother enjoyed it, too, and stamped the "right" way into a proper heart painting.

Did you see the tip about wiping down your faucets with waxed paper?  It's supposed to keep water spots from appearing.  I just did this yesterday, so the jury's still out if it works or not.

I have a jar of French roast chilling in our fridge in the name of DIY Frappuccinos.  Like I needed more caffeine in my life.  :)  But they're pretty awesome.

And did you see that a regular mouth mason jar will fit on your blender?  The perfect size for making drinks (ahem, see above), one less thing to try to fit into the dishwasher...and my husband teases me that I look like I'm drinking moonshine out of a jar! :)

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  1. I didn't see that last tip; we did the stamp too.

  2. I considered the stamp and came to the same assumption that you proved to be true ~ it would be lost on my kids...haha!
    AND I was so suspicious about the mason jar blender miracle, I just thought it couldn't be true. Cool to hear that it's legit :D
    I plan to try the monkey bread with refrigerated country biscuits sometime soon they look pretty great. We did the glow sticks in the bathtub...HUGE success. Lovin l'il old Pinterest.

  3. We did the stamps too. So fun! I'll have to try a mason jar in my blender. It's like a cheaper magic bullet.


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