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Project inspiration from the week, thanks to Pinterest.

I made the vanilla doughnuts again.  Only I think I way overmixed and they turned out kind of tough.  Oh well.  Pink sprinkly cuteness is all I need.

Big Brother thought these bug valentines were super cool, so I spent an episode of Real Housewives of the OC cutting out mason jars and gluing bugs.  Now that we've gone homemade, I can't imagine buying a box of character valentines from the store ever again.  (Remind me of this when all three of my children are in school and having parties! :) )

I did actually make the sugar cubes.  No practical reason, but they sure are cute!

As you can tell, we're big into valentine-ing around here.  Just a few more days to go! :)

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  1. Can I confess... I haven't committed to Pintrest yet, but I am loving all of your ideas!! We made these (http://www.modernparentsmessykids.com/2012/01/diy-animal-herd-valentines.html) V-day cards this year. They turned out so cute! Save the link for next year:)

  2. I LOVE those bug valentines! LOVE!!

  3. We did these valentines this year too and they were so much fun to put together and they were a hit!


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