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Project inspiration from the week, thanks to Pinterest:

On account of some borderline overripe bananas and possibly the greatest holiday ever, we made Nutella ice cream.  They were pretty good, but super banana-y.  Next time I'll have to up the Nutella to banana ratio.  Oh darn. ;)

I also made Meg's ham and noodles for dinner one night.  I'm glad I tried making it, it's very rich and very creamy...I'm not sure if our family will have it again.

These darling little sugar cubes were also on my to-try list, but I haven't gotten to them just yet.  Hopefully this week, so I'm ready for Valentine's Day.

Hope you had a good week of projects and recipes, too!  

And I'm just going to put this out there to see the response...I've gotten some emails from readers saying they enjoy my Weekly Pinterest posts. (Thanks, friends! :) )  If I made it into a weekly linky party would anyone be interested in linking up posts of Pinterest projects?  I'd hate to throw a party and be the only one there... :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


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  1. I would love a pinterst Linky party. I would totally be there :)

  2. I would also come to your party.

  3. Oh I would do that! I love trying different Pinterest things and mean to post about them (but I forget). Maybe if I had a linky, I'd remember!

  4. I've already started my own - would love a linky party!

  5. YES to the Pinterest linky party!
    I'm a Pinterest junkie.


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