A rainbow shirt for Sister

This little shirt was pretty much the extent of my sewing this week.  My poor, neglected sewing machine... ;)

Inspired by both Mini Boden and Meg, I used my favorite Sienna pattern (again and again!), shortening it to about 12 inches to make a shirt rather than a dress, and I then sewed happy polka dot and gingham bits into a  messy rainbow.  Simple as that!


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  1. I saw this on Pinterest and recognized the Mini-Boden inspiration right away. It's super-cute! Great work.

  2. That's cute!! I found a Pinterest linky http://mamato3blessings.blogspot.com/2012/02/pinterest-monday-with-linky-link-up.html

  3. This is adorable, Cheryl! I think I need to break down and buy the Sienna pattern. You keep making so many cute things with it :)

  4. super cute! i've had rainbows on the brain lately, been itching to whip something up. i might just have to make something right this very second!!


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