The infamous no-sew fleece blanket

You know the one.  The one that 7th graders everywhere make as a first project in Home Ec. :)

There are probably tutorials everywhere, but the gist is lay two layers of fleece wrong sides together, make 2 inch slits every inch all the way around, and then knot them all.

To back up, and let you know how this project came to be:

I outsmarted myself.

I thought I could make a quick run into JoAnn's for a package of batting and a pillow form.  Nothing. Else.

No dilly dallying by the spring fabrics and seersucker.  No wandering down the Valentine section.

Pillow form.  Batting.  Focus.

To make sure of it, I even brought Little Brother with me.

3 year old boy + fabric store should guarantee that I left with no more than I intended on purchasing, and in record time.

The plan was brilliant, except I happened to push the cart by the aisle of fleece.  Little Eagle Eye saw it.

Red fleece.  With firemen!  With hoses!  And fire trucks!  There's even a rescue dog!!

How could I say no?

If the little guy is excited about fire trucks with "yadders," I'm happy to oblige.

So after snuggling just a raw piece of fabric for the past few weeks, he finally parted with it long enough for me to snip and knot the edges.  And an episode of Project Runway All Stars later, he's tucked under it again.


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  1. So cute. I always try that plan when I only want to get a couple supplies and somehow I end up wandering around the store anyway!

  2. too cute. I've never made one even. LOL

  3. He had me at 'yadders'! How could anyone say no to that? Thank you so much for the story and the tutorial!


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