10 on 10

For the first time in all my years blogging, I actually remembered my 10 on 10.

Nope, still not a morning person.

Not sure where the teeny little thing puts it all, but sister can eat.

My nemesis.

Rocket fuel for the mama.

My attempt to unfurl sheets of kraft paper that have been on the roll for years.  

And an excuse to rainbowtize another book shelf.

Snow day!

I accidentally came home with a bag of Cara Cara oranges.  A delicious discovery.

Every day.  All day.

A final touch on Sister's dress.

A grocery store impulse buy.  So pretty.


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  1. I love your style of photography. So simple, clean and tell your story.

  2. Yay for your 10 on 10...I love these posts. That orange looks amazing...I've been seeing a lot of oranges in posts lately. Love your pictures :)


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