Superhero Sienna dress

Ok, here's another flashback.

Both of my boys have birthdays in December, and this year they decided to have a superhero party.  Of course, Baby Sister needed to join the fun, so I made a teeny tiny superhero dress.

I used the LBB Sienna pattern.

And a pile full of my old shirts.  (The navy Superman shirt was a lucky clearance find from Target...otherwise I would have stenciled my own and the blue sleeve is from a pair of her brother's pants.)


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  1. Awesome! I think you need one, too, after putting together a superhero party.

  2. That's...umm...pretty great. :D

  3. Great minds think alike. My daughter is wearing her Supergirl dress today. I also made it from the Sienna pattern :)

  4. This is absolutely adorable, Cheryl! I love it! So sweet that baby sister got to be a part of the party :)


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