The one where I make some resolutions

Okay 2012, let's do this thing.

It's the week to be talking resolutions.   I usually don't, because I don't know how much they really help me.  Maybe because I usually say things like "be more organized" and anything that vague is doomed from the beginning...

Anywho, here is my (not all that ambitious, but totally do-able) list for the year:

Blog, blog, blog.  I love this little space and it's been neglected far too long.  I can't wait for the new projects and new friends to come.

Actually follow through on my 365 project.  Maybe even post them here each week?  I've had good starts the past few years and then slowly dwindled in my picture taking by February or March.  To be holding a book full of photos at this time next year is going to feel awesome.

Run 500 miles this year.  My typical runs are usually 3-4 miles so hopefully I've got this one.  And every time I run, I'll have this going through my head. ;)  

So how about you?
I have a good feeling about 2012.



  1. I love the running resolution, I should write down how many miles I run this year, I already have 8! I'm trying to cut an hour of tv out every evening and eat less take out.

  2. sounds like some good plans! i'm actually taking on the 365 project - or at least attempting it too.

  3. Blog, blog, blog! It's hard to do, isn't it? And definitely on my list of resolutions as well... of course, I've made it to January 3 without writing one word. Time to fix that!

    At the risk of feeling too much like a cheerleader--I look forward to reading more! Good luck!

  4. I´ll try keep running about as much as I do now, then I´ll take TONS of photos, travel and enjoy my family. Oh, and a thousand things more. :-)

    First time here - you have a really nice blog. :-)

  5. Happy New Year! Those sound doable yet challenging. Looking forward to the 'blog, blog, blog' part myself!

  6. Looking forward to more posts (and pics) in 2012 :)

  7. I missed this post! You can do it Cheryl!


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