A first Christmas dress

I finished Baby Sister's Christmas jumper just in time for pictures.

She looked adorable.  Her attitude?  Not so much.

We'll try again in a couple weeks.  Otherwise, Grandma's getting a Christmas card with a screaming baby on it. ;) Too bad I can't bribe her with a Happy Meal like I do to her brothers.

And now, a little pattern review:

I mentioned I planned to use Amy Butler's comfy jumper dress pattern from her Little Stitches book. Typically, I love her patterns, and I've had really good results from everything else I've made.

Sewing the dress was easy.  But after re-reading the instructions a few times, I decided to just forget them and construct the dress the way that made better sense to me.  I skipped the band, the elastic, as well as the slit in the front.  I'm not sure of the point of the slit on a dress for an infant...I always envision jumpers being worn over a long sleeve top.

Now that I struggled through it one time, I think I could make another much faster and much simpler.  Tell me...have you tried this pattern?  Do you like it?  Have any other jumper patterns you love that I should try?

And after a quick Google search to see if I was reading too much into it and making things harder than they should be, I found this.  I'm glad I'm not alone on my feelings on this pattern!  (And seriously, could her baby be any cuter?)



  1. It is beautiful. Picture outfits should be unfussy so as to highlight the faces. I hope you end up getting a good face out of her!

  2. All I can say, is you are just a phenomenal woman! The jumper looks so beautiful and perfect!!

  3. I need that fabric for some little girl holiday tunics. My Joann's has nothing!!! Where did you get it?

  4. That is so cute!! :) I love your blog! :) I became a follower! :) Erin

  5. when you wear it...?


  6. The dress looks lovely! Did you have any fit issues with the dress because you chose not to use the front slit? I'm almost done with two 6-9 month jumpers and I chose not to use the slit. However, the neckline looks pretty small to me... I've giving the jumpers as a gift and so I don't have a little model to try them out on!


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