Happy Sunday


How on Earth did you get here so fast?  Wasn't it just August?

I'm so not ready for this. 

What is it about this time of year that moves so fast?  Another blink and Halloween will be here.  Two blinks and I'll be knee deep in Thanksgiving.  Turn around and it'll be Christmas.  Yikes.

But ready or not, pumpkins, sweaters, and mums are here.  And it sure is pretty. 



  1. So true, in Canada we have Thanksgiving next weekend already, so not ready for that yet!

  2. sh! Oh my goodness, I need to get Halloween costumes together.

  3. I love the photo, small pumpkins are so cute!

  4. That's exactly how I felt the minute I saw OCTOBER on my kitchen calendar... it's all downhill from here. #Stress

  5. I love it. I can't get enough of October. It never seems to last long enough. First its my birth month, so always a joy there. Second its fall time and its my all time favorite season (winter is next). Plus its the month of my favorite holiday!

    btw love the pic!

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