The sneaky cake

I've been doing a lot of food posts lately. 

I must be hungry.

Anywho, in an attempt to do something a little less vegetable-y with my crazy huge zucchini harvest, I found this chocolate cake recipe.

I made it the non-spicy way, substituting chocolate chips and doubling the vanilla. And it's good.

On my first time around, I baked a single batch in a bundt pan.  It made for a very thin (short?), although still completely delicious, cake.  I'd suggest doubling the recipe for a prettier, more traditional looking bundt cake. 

But really, a loaf pan is the way to go.  

And I promise you (or your children!) will never, ever suspect there's a vegetable hidden inside.



  1. This looks delicious, as do your other recent food posts! Love your cake stand!


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