Since the pool is closed...

we now have entire afternoons that need filling.

Today we made sidewalk paint.

The recipe is all over the internet.  Equal parts water and cornstarch, plus a little food coloring.  Extra large muffin tins hold a half cup perfectly.

After being the mama of boys for almost 5 years, I should have known that when the shoes came off, things were about to get messy.

And there I was, left with painted splattered feet and a missing red Croc. 


  1. Love it!! Such happy memories!!

  2. oh my goodness; does it come out of clothes??

  3. Yeah, silence & taking shoes off are both bad signs in my house!

  4. Is it washable? I'd love to do this for my preschool class, but would hate to ruin anyone's clothes.

  5. What a fun project! looks like really really colorful muffins :p

  6. What a great activity!
    Looks like they had a ton of fun.
    have a happy day

    i left you a note on your etsy account...sorry to leave this here but i couldn't get the "email me" button to work right on my computer!:)

  7. I absolutely love these pics! Adorable! I'm making this for my 2 year old grandson today!

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