No bake Nutella bars

Trust me when I tell you to make these immediately. 

Do not pass go.

Do not collect $200. 

Just make them.   You'll thank me later.

No baking.  Just Nutella, peanut butter, graham cracker goodness.  Love it.

And I suppose these kinds of recipes are the irony of Pinterest--pinning recipes loaded with sugar and butter alongside motivational workout pins.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that follows those kinds of boards.

And if you'd like to see what else I'm staying up 'til the wee hours pinning, check out my boards here



  1. well, those look sinfully good!

  2. Thank you for blogging about these! Glad you made them and are enjoying them :)

  3. I would love to say oooh yummy but really three ingredients with no direction or did I miss something?

  4. They sure look yummy!! I too am hooked on Pinterest!!

  5. The link is not working for the recipe! I am sure I did not pass go or collect $200, but I have to make these! Help!

  6. I came over from Pinterest via a link to your camera strap cover. I was just telling someone the other day that my Pinterest follows are a bizarre mix of crazy fattening, irresistible sweets & inspirational quotes for weight loss & fitness. Toss in the occasional bikini-clad, air-brushed model as a poignant reminder of why those dessert ones are so dangerous ;)


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