I love a Trader Joe's bouquet

I'll admit I'm completely in love with all things TJ's, and I especially love their $3.99 bouquets of prettiness. 

Add a mason jar, a doily, and some twine, and the window sill of our bathroom is instantly happier with flowers.

My other go-to is scraps of gingham tied around mason jars.  I used these as very last second teacher gifts when Big Brother finished school in the spring.

For less than five bucks, you can't go wrong!



  1. I love the gingham scraps... and would kill for a TJs!!!

  2. these are great photos and great DIY ideas! Love your post!

    Come follow my blog gorgeous!

  3. A few weeks ago I bought a large basil plant at TJs for $4. I wasn't sure if I could keep it alive, but it's still thriving and the gift that keeps on giving. I love having fresh basil all the time and it has been much cheaper than buying it fresh from the store all the time.

  4. Beautiful photos! love the DIY vases :)

  5. lovely! I have never been to a Trader Joes!?


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