Happy Sunday

I'm slowly getting into a groove again.




Life as a mom of three.

It feels good. 


And friends, tell me, what's on your ipod when you're working out?  This app is such an awesome motivator...I've got new pair of shoes that I love...now I just need some fresh tunes!


  1. Sounds like life is great! So happy for you... I'm sharing some favorite songs from spinning class. Pretty good beats for working out. Hope they help, and at the very least, they get you moving. http://pl.st/p/22206872331

  2. I download audiobooks from the library to listen to. That's the only thing that distracts me long enough to keep moving.....

  3. I head ya sister! Only I don’t have kiddos but I still feel like I’m just now starting to get back in the swing of things. Summer will do that to ya!

    I’ll be back to see what everyone workout to. I take a dance class at my gym several times a week so I haven’t had to rely on my MP3 player for a while but I’m always on the hunt for new to me songs!

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  4. Mandisa - Good Morning AWESOME song to get you started!
    I, too, listen to audio books. The Long Run by Matt Long is good. The Hunger Games trilogy is amazing.


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