All the green that's starting to sprout up outside makes me want to get that springy feeling inside, too.

We even tried the preschool science favorite:

And lo and behold, we have some sprouts!


  1. I love your photos -- I think we may try some sprouts too!

  2. I have a question about growing herbs this way. Do you eventually have to plant them outside, or will they continue to grow in pots/jars/adorable eggshells? =)

    So cute.

  3. love this, thanks for sharing!!! my spinach is sprouting outside, so excited...now I just need to keep the bunnies away :)

  4. This is beautiful :-) I love the way that you've used the eggshells. My little girl would love this :-) Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Cute and those Sprouts are fun for the kids. Great idea!

  6. We started our egg shells at the beginning of April and nothing. I did a larger pot of cat grass and it turned out better. Maybe the egg shells were not watered enough.
    Awesome Oats Can!
    Did you poke holes in the bottom by chance?

  7. les petits oeufs-pots sont très originaux !

  8. Cute idea with the eggshells!

    First time stopping by, you have a lovely blog!
    Have a great weekend!


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