April crafting

Mother Nature, you're killing me here.

I've got two little boys with cabin fever. 

And it's 40 degrees outside. 

In April.

Oh for crying out loud.

Michael's $4 wooden dinosaurs to the rescue.

It was 45 minutes well spent. 

A little messy.

But well spent.

Ferocious, no?

Last time I got comments about paint on the dining room table. 

I'll just say certain messes don't bother me.  Like paint on the table. 

Our house is meant to be lived in.  And it is.

(When we paint inside we always use Crayola paints.  They come off with just a baby wipe.)

Other messes, like chalk dust, would make me crazy.

At any rate, this was an enjoyable project.

But now the weather can feel free to get back to normal so we can get the heck outta here!


  1. My son would absolutely love a project like that! He's a little crazy about dinos. Here's hoping for warmer weather coming your way!!

  2. Love this project and those paints! I am going to have to pick some up and have my nephew Gavin over for a play date this summer! (I have 7 girls and dinos are NOT their thing lol)

  3. understood mama! those are neat dinos though :)

  4. The dinos turned out fabulous! I agree...rain and cold go away!

  5. Need to buy some of that paint...Today!!! We love our baby wipes here. Although my littlest hasn't 'needed' them for a few years we still buy them by the costco case. They are perfect when he wants to help Mommy clean up!!! I still swear that they clean up better than a clorox wipe...

  6. lol I was totally freaking out about no newspapers under the paint! Thanks for informing me about such a wonderful product ;)

  7. Hi Cheryl,

    The dinosaurs turned out so cute! I have a new blog I thought you might like. http://lovelaughterandliteracy.blogspot.com
    It combines my love of home and family with my love of literacy and early childhood. Hope you'll stop by!


  8. Sending warm wishes your way.
    Such a great indoor craft, love the photos of those sweet little hands painting!

  9. They did a GREAT job! We love those paints as well!

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