Craft Hope project 11: Konbit Sante delivery kits

As usual, I worked right up until the last minute and put my Craft Hope donations in the mail today. 

Maybe it's how I've been feeling lately, but this project was extra special for me to work on. 

The contents of these simple kits are beyond humbling. 

1 hotel-size bar of soap (1 oz. and up)
1 packet alcohol wipe
1 packet Purelle
1 pair of clean latex gloves
1 square yard of clear 4 mil plastic sheeting
3 pieces of clean string each 12″ long
flannelette/cotton receiving blanket 1 square yard

We have it so good. 

A bar of soap?

I catch my boys squeezing way too much of their foamy soap in the sink several times a week.  I huff and puff and then reach in the cabinet for a new bottle. 

A clean pair of gloves?

Blowing up a latex glove into a balloon animal provides such entertainment every trip to the pediatrician's office.

A packet of Purell?

We get a handful every time we eat out.  We may or may not use them.  Most of them usually end up in the trash unused and we don't think twice about it. 

We have it so good.

I made the blankets by serging the edges of a square yard of flannel with brightly colored thread.

The rattles are from a pattern by Lotta Jansdotter

I'll share a tute on how to make the drawstring bags soon. 


  1. I love your heart, my friend. :) seriously, you are a good woman.

  2. True. We do take much for granted that some see as great luxuries.

    I participated in Craft Hope's Project 11 also, sending out 4 kits, one for each of my home birth deliveries.

  3. We do have it so good and what a blessing for you to give that to such a cute way I might add.

  4. we do have it good and we all need a reminder sometimes! :) cheers to you -- your bags are not only beautiful but kind too.

  5. You truly inspire me! I want to do this the next time around. We all just got to see how beautiful your heart is.

  6. What lovely kits you made. All the necessities in a beautifully packaged drawstring tote. So much love in a small kit.


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