Happy Sunday

Happy Superbowl Sunday!  Keep warm!


  1. Would love to swap with you! stinking hot here.

  2. I'm just hoping for ONE little snowday. (Says the kindergarten teacher, who really wants to stay home with her kids.) It's been wet and mild in the Pacific Northwest.

    I was thinking of you this weekend. I have been recording our local sewing shows, to get new ideas for projects and learn a few new techniques. The women on those shows are really not fun to watch and not so inspiring. I'm too busy focusing on their oversized glasses and lack of tv charm. As I was thinking about those ladies, I thought - Cheryl needs a sewing show! Wouldn't it be great to have a sewing show, hosted by someone young and full of life? So, there. I think you should host a sewing show. Now, who should I call to make that happen? I'll keep working on it.


  3. Can we share Beach Vintage Very hot here too!! Southern NSW Australia!!

  4. Beautiful picture - I just love the snow. Sydney doesn't get any (most of Australia doesn't get any) but I would love it. x

  5. Too funny that most of these gals are complaining about the heat. I'm in Iowa and its snowing here again. Your picture is beautiful!


  6. Dear Cheryl...
    Absolutely wonderful images on your blog, I just love this one. Thank you for sharing these with us. You belong in Artful Blogging! I will have to contact them!
    Best to you,


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