The cheater's way to hem

A good chunk of my sewing skills are self taught.  That means a good chunk of my sewing skills are made up things that work for me.

Hems included. 

I start by serging the edge of the sleeve or pant leg needing to be hemmed.

I double the size of the hem I want and draw a line.  For a half inch hem, I draw a line with disappearing ink 1 inch from the edge.

I iron the edge up to that line and sew.  Instant hem before assembling the sleeve or leg!

Of course, this doesn't work if the top or pants are already sewn together, but it's my shortcut when I'm starting from scratch!


  1. Yippee for inventing new ways to sew!! I'm a 100% self taught crafter too, amazing what you can work out yourself & clearly state, you've never copied another idea. Happy hemming, love Posie

  2. Oh, I like that! I usually keep the ruler out when I am ironing and that gets tedious. Thanks for the clever idea!

  3. Ohhh...thank you! I love any and all sewing tips!

  4. So that something that would be on my simple sewing machine or a special machine? I need to self teach myself...I say this too often.


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