(Another) snow day

We've been doing a lot of shoveling and a whole lot of eating the past two days. 

It's been a great time to be a little guy in this house. 

When this guy showed up with a front loader, they were in hog heaven.

And as cold as it's been, I guess I can admit it is pretty. 

From inside the house.

So, to add to our sugar comas, I tried making marshmallows for the first time. 

So sticky.

So yummy.

So worth it. 

I used this recipe.  The only thing I would change is more powdered sugar, less cornstarch.    But it is easy and they are way better than store bought.

And what good thing doesn't get better when it's dipped in a little chocolate and Valentine sprinkles? 


  1. YUMMMMMMMM! I think I will be picking up some corn syrup to add this to my to do list next week.

  2. Those marshmallows are so pretty and delicious looking!

  3. Wow..they look great! Thank you for sharing this recipe..something else for my granddaughter and me to make!

  4. Thanks for sharing Cheryl!! These have been on my to-do list for quite some time...I'm a little bit intimidated by all the stickiness, but I may have to give it a go too!!

  5. Just found your blog. new follower. I love cool people.:) I am also a chicago person! Yeah! thecoolkidsblog.com

  6. oh geez those look so tasty. damn my vegetarian self.

  7. I love that recipe too! So good. I swirled in red food color with mine.

  8. Your marshmallows turned out so cute! I love the heart sprinkles!

  9. Oh my. these look so scrumptious. Thanks for the play by play on making these (sticky) treats.

    I bet these would go over well at a church gathering this winter with some homemade hot cocoa. mmmmm


  10. I probably can't get to the homemade marshmallows - which look LOVELY! - but I may try to chocolate dip some store bought ones. Anyone have advice on finding store bought marshmallows that DONT contain blue food coloring?

  11. ma che buooooonnnoooo,e anche belllo

  12. mi viene la voglia di mangiarle

  13. im kidding they actually look nice.


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