A holiday tradition

We don't let many holidays go by without decking out a gingerbread house in color coordinated candy. 

Maybe it's because my boys end up eating more candy than they glue on the house?? At any rate, it's always a good hour of fun.

This time around I cheated and glued together graham crackers for the house.  No one minded.

To see some of our past cavity inducing houses, go herehere, or here


  1. Okay, you totally reminded me I have some gingerbread house kits in the pantry. Perfect rainy day activity here in the Northwest - and I'll have to try the glue gun...I've been known to use a straight pin or two, but that would work much better!

  2. Very cool. I'm not used to seeing gingerbread houses outside of the Christmas festivities. You're making some awesome memories!

  3. We always have fun making the gingerbread houses at our house.....even if they collapse! :)

  4. Oh what a wonderful thing to do. I agree you are making some awesome memories!

  5. your blog is adorable! i love the pictures!

  6. adorable, looks like it was a lot of fun making those.

  7. How cute is that! And the pictures are such high quality! What kind of camera are you using?

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