a pretty cool life.: June 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simple flag shirts for the 4th

I've kinda got a thing for gingham. 

I know that comes as a shock. 

So this is what I came up with for the boys to wear this weekend for 4th of July festivities. 

I whipped them up in almost no time...just a 3.5 x 5 inch (use an index card as a template) patch of red gingham and a 1.5 x 2 inch piece of bias cut navy gingham zig zagged onto a white tee.  So simple!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I love being the mama of little boys. 

Over the past few years, I've learned that they need little more than a little sun and a garden hose for hours of delight. 

And that simple joy is just wonderful.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vintage summer gingham bunting

Did you see this project that I shared at Corey's the other day?  Here it is in case you missed it...

My boys and I certainly are in full-blown summer mode and are spending every moment we can outside, soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm summer breezes. 

I thought a fun addition to our yard would be a sweet little bunting, vintage inspired, and made from bright and cheerful gingham. 

I think buntings are whimsical and sweet, but best of all they're so easy to make!  Here's how I made mine.

Start by cutting 4 inch wide strips of fabric.  I cut my gingham on the bias, but cut it however you'd like your pattern to show on the flags.

Mark the bottom edge of your fabric strips with a disappearing ink pen or chalk pencil every 4 inches.  Do the same at the top, but make your first dot 2 inches in from the edge. 

Line up those dots with a quilter's rule, and start cutting with your rotary cutter.  Save time and cut multiple layers at once! 

ps.  If you don't like raw, frayed edges, you could do this with a pinking blade. 

Sew two triangles, wrong sides together, closely along the edge of the two longer sides of each flag.

I pulled at threads along the raw edges for more of a worn, vintage-y feel.

My bunting is 30 flags long, but of course you can customize your own length.  After you've finished sewing your flags, you'll need a piece of string or twine long enough to accomodate your flags, plus a few feet extra at both ends for hanging.

Then, using a zig zag stitch, sew your flags to the piece of twine.

Adding on each flag as you go...

Hang it up and enjoy the summer breezes!

Happy summer and happy weekend everyone!

Edit:  I've also listed several in the shop if you don't want to make one yourself :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Help a girl out

I brought this cute little guy home the other day.  Like I needed something else for cupcakes...

The thing is, it's just a little too...




It's just not quite me.  Yet.

Since food won't ever directly touch it, I'm going to spray paint it.  But what color?

Robin's egg blue?




Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lovely party ideas from Corey

Good morning!
My name is Corey Villicana from Life With Little Ones.
I 'm thrilled to be a guest here today... Thank you so much for having me!

When thinking of what I might share with you, 
the thought of party planning quickly crossed my mind.

Planning a party for me is a great deal of fun. 
I thoroughly enjoy the creative process and the opportunity to 
 honor the person who is receiving the celebration.

Being the mother of two little boys has really pushed me 
to challenge myself when it comes to new and exciting ways to surprise and delight!

So how about a few suggestions to ensure an amazing party?

Here are my top four must have items to make any type of party memorable.

Number One
A beautiful invitation.
Number Two
Sweet treats and gorgeous goodie bags.
Number Three
A special something for the honoree.
Number Four
(And possibly the most important)
An awesome cake...
(Or cupcakes!)
To view more of my party tips and a plethora of other ideas, please visit me here.
Thank you so very much.


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