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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Sunday

We were dreaming of white...and we got it.  A whole foot! 


  1. Lucky you! (Only someone from Florida thinks you are lucky:) We have cold temps but that's it...tough to make a snowman with sand. haha Love your blog...hope to visit a lot this New Year!

  2. love your sunday pics. simple and a whole lot of emotion :)

  3. We live in the Nashville TN. area and we got a little snow not quite an inch but enough to say we had a White Christmas. The first in seventeen years.

  4. Lovely photo!!
    Glad you got your snowfall:)

  5. I can't believe I found your blog! I am new to sewing but love to craft. I live in IL too...just south of Chicago...and your decorating style is so similar to mine it's crazy! Thank you for all your cute posts....I love going back and finding your easy sewing projects. I think I left you a comment about your quilted coasters...I made them for my Mom for a hostess gift and she loved them. I just ran across 2 other posts of yours that I can't wait to try. One is the quick pillow covers. I have had this adorable left over Calico Corners fabric for YEARS to use as pillows in my living room. Yesterday we moved my niece and her hubby from their apartment in Arlington Heights to a house and she was getting rid of 3 pillow forms she didn't want...hello....free pillows! That's my first sewing project of the new year! The second was your Valentine pennant banner where you show the novice (me) how to make the bunting...GENIUS!!! I made Christmas pennant banners for my sisters and Mom for the holidays but used ribbon to hang them....I like your patchwork bunting much better! Sorry this is so long...I am so excited to have such a crafty blog to visit. Happy New Year!!! Looking forward to more projects in 2011!!!

  6. Sigh! Wish we'd gotten snow this year. I'm on the west (wet) coast and snow just wasn't in our cards this year! I love your blog and find myself checking it daily! Thanks for sharing!


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