Christmas bokeh tutorials

One of my favorite parts of blog reading around Christmas is the beautiful bokeh shots of Christmas trees. 

Why are out of focus lights so gorgeous??

Like pretty much everything else I do, I'm teaching myself photography.  If you're interested, too, I've put together a little list of bokeh tutorials I've been referencing so I might just get some good shots before the tree comes down. :)

Photobucket blog (tips for point and shoot cameras, too!)

And if you know of any other good tutes, please leave links in the comments and I'll add them to the list.  Happy bokeh-ing!


  1. I'm teaching myself photography, too! A Canon 50mm 1.8 which will create awesome bokeh! Thanks for the links! I've got lots of links bookmarked for various photography tutes. I'll have do a blog post linking to some!

  2. There is bokeh blog party on Thursday. I can't remember which blog right now. I've been playing around with a cup of cocoa in the foreground and the shimmering lights in the background.

    Looks like you're still having fun with your camera!


  3. I think the out of focus lights are so pretty because it makes them more star-like.

  4. thanks for the links! off to check them out :)


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