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Did you enjoy your extra hour of weekend?  This is my favorite week of the year...I always get so much done and then look at the clock to see it's earlier than I thought!  (Although I always wish I could spend it sleeping...if only my boys would appreciate the joys of sleeping in! ;) )

I did spend some time starting on my Christmas shopping this weekend.  Have you started?  Check out some of these goodies from my sponsors...perfect ways to get a jump on holiday shopping and crafting! :)

Please be sure to visit my other awesome sponsors as well!

Happy shopping!  We're supposed to have near 70 degree weather this week...a total treat for us in Chicago this time of year...sounds like I'll be stringing some outdoor Christmas lights. (And don't worry...I won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving.) :)

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  1. "(And don't worry...I won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving.)" - that made me laugh. Have a great week!


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