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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our haunted gingerbread house

Any holiday that involves color coordinated candy, you'll find us making gingerbread houses to match.  Halloween is no exception. 

I made my own gingerbread this time.  ps. Molasses is stin-ky!

One of my sous-chefs.

I'm a little too literal when I say you can eat off my floor. 

Baking with boys somehow involves Hot Wheels.


Royal icing = so much easier than store bought.

Yes, I assemble our house with hot glue.  Trust me, no one would want to eat something man handled by my boys, anyway.

Happy Halloween!


  1. haha, love the hot wheels and glue gun! you don't see that in the usual set of directions for making gingerbread houses :)

  2. Love the pictures, Cheryl. Great idea. I haven't done a gingerbread house with my oldest yet. I think this might be the year. Thanks for the glue gun tip, too.

  3. Great idea! We bought a Halloween gingerbread house last year - at 90% clearance. It was hideous. Homemade looks much better!

    What are the tiny orange and white candies on the roof? Nerds?

  4. I love this! It is a reminder of what life was like just a few years back. My boys are now 15 + 13.

  5. Neat! I have plans for a and I to make one, but we were going to use graham crackers. I think you've inspired me to make gingerbread though!

    BTW, I have serious kitchen envy!

  6. Such a cute idea! I'll have to remember to do this next year when my daughter is old enough to actually put candy on the house rather than just eating it all!

  7. The house is poifect! And I love the baggy trousers look on your chef. So cute.


  8. I have been "stalking" your blog for a while now and finally decided to comment. I love your creativity, I would have never thought to do ginger bread houses for Holiday's other than Christmas. They are so simple and great for a craft to do with children. My SIL is going to love this!

  9. As a mom of two boys, love the hotwheels! I can totally relate. I really enjoy your blog too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. this is awesome. I should do this with Tristan

  11. We are doing the same thing today - but I did it with chocolate graham crackers. I have 10 kids total making these, and opted for the easy way out.

  12. So so sweet - my girls would just love to do this - although, I am not sure how much candy would be left to decorate:)
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  13. the hot wheels crack me up! I only have one boy, but I can completely relate to this!

  14. Cute pics! Oh, I can relate about the hot wheels . . . army men . . . dinosaurs . . . being the mom of 3 boys and all!

    Great idea with the hot glue gun! Wish I'd thought of that years ago!

  15. GORGEOUS pictures!! Those houses are adorable. Loved your Diet Coke sitting on the counter too - LOL. Totally would be in my pictures too :)

    Loved this post.


  16. I've never thought of making a Halloween gingerbread house...what a cool idea!! We may have to copy that idea!

  17. Hilarious you think molasses is stinky! I should show you some pictures of the giant molasses barrels that are near my house. My city is the birthplace of Crosby's Molasses. Now, if you are using blackstrap that is justified - vomitrocious!
    Great pics and awesome idea with the hot glue. Ensures a stable house.

  18. Oh my goodness! Those are adorable! What a fun family activity.


  19. I love the house! We usually make one at Christmas and every year it collapses! I see you used the glue gun - good thinking! I might have to try the glue gun this year. ;)


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